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Incredible rubs, oils, balsamic & salts to give food attitude!

  • Balsamic


    Infused Aged Balsamic
    We’re obviously proud of all our offspring, but our Balsamic range is really special. We take a beautiful 4 year aged balsamic from Modena and reduce it, effectively simulating a longer ageing process to make it richer, thicker and sweeter. And there’s one big difference between ours and some of the others - this isn’t a sugary-sweet spirit […]
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  • RubsHero


    Gourmet Spice Rubs
    We were tired of powdery, stale or boring ingredients. Some even have a long shopping list of other things you need and loads of steps of how to make it into a meal! We wanted a new way… so we created one. We believe if you were to have a wish list of things your spice […]
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  • Oil


    Infused Rapeseed Oil
    We made a conscious decision to support British farmers and use only rapeseed oil. Also, when you consider it’s healthier than olive oil with around half the saturated fat and loads more omegas, it was an obvious choice. Use it precisely the same way you’d use any good oil – for dressings, bread dipping, drizzling […]
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  • SaltHero


    Flavoured Salt
    If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to add real flavour to food, flavoured salt is the answer. We use the purest, flakiest British sea salt and infuse it with pure spice. Innovative flavour combinations like Coriander & Rose Petal Salt, Japanese Fire Salt and our stunning 10-Spice Winter salt add incredible flavour to food. Use […]
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Their Paella spice blend just made it so easy and the flavour was exactly the same as I’ve tasted when in Spain. I couldn’t wait to taste their 10-Spice Winter Salt and used it in a venison stew and a roast poussin – all their products are so special & versatile!
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Worcester Foodie Festival @ Worcester
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Frosts Chilli Festival (Willington) @ Frosts Garden Centre
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