Cold-pressed Infused Oils

Since we launched almost three years ago, we’ve tweaked the recipes for our Cold-pressed Infused Oils but have been trying hard to find the time to really focus on creating some interesting flavour combos. Never one to do things by half-measures, we’re pleased to announce that we have launched nine – yes, nine – new beautiful […]

Book review: Barafina: A Spanish Cookbook

Barafina: A Spanish Cookbook by Sam & Eddie Hart and Nieves Barragan Mohacho We’ve always adored Spanish cooking for its simplicity and its variety best enjoyed through tapas style of eating.  Once embraced, it offers an incredibly versatile and quick way to prepare food, celebrating core ingredients like Paprika to understand how each variety can […]

Quick & Creamy Prawn Curry

You’ll know by now that we’re a fan of simple so long as there’s massive flavour!  Sometimes we’re in the mood for spending an hour or two cooking up a great curry, roasting & grinding the individual spices & layering the flavours, really taking our time – but, hey, it’s (usually) the weekend though, right? […]

Quick Harissa Chicken & Sautéed Greens

Like many others, we’re often dashing about but still want ways to get huge flavour in just a few minutes. Our Harissa Rub gives you just that with flavours of chilli, caraway, mint, cumin & more in a flash! A lot of other Harissa products are already mixed into a paste, but the usual problem […]

Slow-Roast Spiced Lamb Shanks

We’re big fans of lamb because it really takes on rich, deep flavours so easily to give a fantastic depth to any meal. It takes on spice in such a way that it delivers flavour on many different levels, especially if you reheat the leftovers for day two! In the spring and summer months we […]

Telegraph Article, Sept 13

We love to talk spice, so we were delighted to hear the Corby Telegraph wanted to do a feature on us! After a lovely chat with Anna and a visit from the photographer, we waited with baited breath until the full page feature dropped on our doorstep! A copy of the article is below – […]

Mondays’ Sunday Lunch Brunch!

We’re such a fan of leftovers we often find ourselves buying bigger cuts of meat than we need just to have something to make the day after! One or two roast potatoes and a slice of meat is all we need for a delicious and quick lunch – and when you remember it’s free, it […]

Homemade Burgers

If you’ve always had shop-bought burgers because you thought making your own was either more expensive or long-winded, you’re in for a surprise. Making your own takes, literally, 5 minutes of actually doing something, together with a few hours of leaving something in the grudge. If you can manage 5 minutes of effort, I don’t […]

Magic Pork Belly!

Pork belly is one of my favourite cuts – it’s cheap, produces incredible crackling and it’s so simple to cook if you follow a couple of basic steps. I wanted to take advantage of the sun and fire up the BBQ, but needed to make sure it was throughly cooked, so did most of the […]

Awesome Potato Salad!

This dish is so moorish that the first time we made it and tried it, we ate almost half before any guests arrived so had to make more! It’s ludicrously simple but is creamy and rich – served warm, it is the the perfect compliment to any fish, salad or BBQ. Try a spoon of […]