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SuperBoost Bircher

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Bircher, or overnight oats, really is one of the most incredible breakfasts you can have, full of nutrition & slow-release energy to keep you fuelled up post-workout or simply for the day ahead. And the best thing? It is the simplest thing you will prepare all day; just a few minutes prep the night before gives an instant breakfast to grab …

Pairing spice with wine: Chimichurri rub

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GUEST POST from Simon Wright: Pairing Spice with wine! Pairing spice with wine for our Chimichurri is the sixth in a series of guest posts by Simon Wright. Simon has worked in the wine trade for 5 years and has recently passed the WSET’s Diploma in Wine and Spirits. After meeting him at a food festival, he wanted to come up with pairings for our spice to …

Kale & Walnut Pesto

Kale & Walnut Pesto

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We love pesto! It’s one of the most versatile things you can have on hand & not just for pasta: brush some onto chicken or salmon fillets, stir a spoonful into a nice soup or mashed potato or simply dip crusty bread into it for a quick snack! There are fewer things that are cheaper or faster to make & …

Ras-el-hanout wine pairing

Pairing spice with wine: Ras-el-hanout

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GUEST POST from Simon Wright: Pairing Spice with wine! Pairing spice with beer for our Ras-el-hanout is the fifth in a series of guest posts by Simon Wright, manager of a wine shop in Cambridge who we met at a food festival. He wanted to come up with pairings for our spice to give people a better understanding of how different spices work well with wines …

Book review: Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

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Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi New year, new start. For many, this is what the start of any new year symbolises; a time to detox, to nurture your soul with food that warms, nourishes & forgives. This year I want to do things differently. In short, I wanted to: eat less meat (and not miss it) explore non-dairy alternatives for milk continue to avoid processed …

Truffle Fries

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Truffle Fries take regular fries to a new level! To celebrate this unique flavour, we thought we’d tell you how we make our perfect fries so they’re crisp, crunchy & fluffy on the inside. Twice-cooked or even thrice-cooked is the key to the perfect chip. We’re going for the twice-cooked option here because (obviously) it’s quicker & there’s not a massive …

Steak with Balsamic Buerre Noir

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It would be easy to think the steak is the star of this dish, but we’d argue it’s actually the sauce! Just as a simple buerre noisette can lift any fish dish, this beurre noir gets its name from the addition of a gorgeous balsamic vinegar. Once mastered, this rich, glossy, intense sauce gives such an incredible hit of flavour in just a …

Vanilla Poached Apricots with Orange Flower

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Being more savoury than sweet, we prefer starters to desserts a lot of the time, but Vanilla Poached Apricots with Orange Flower tick all the boxes: light, simple, fresh & tangy with the Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche to add creaminess. Deceptively simple to prepare, it’s an ideal foil for a big meal or for those times when you just want something a …

2-minute Mackerel Pate

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Our 2-minute Mackerel Pate has alway been one of those go-to recipes to get you out of trouble. It’s almost as quick to put together as it is to open a shop-bought one, but you can tweak this one just the way you like it – plus you know what’s in  it. Use either peppered mackerel or plain smoked – the packs …