Book review: A Day at El Bulli by Ferran Adria

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A Day at El Bulli by Ferran Adria

No bookshelf would be complete without at least one Ferran Adria book, and this is no exception. Since watching Anthony Bourdain’s show quite a few years back where he went behind the scenes at the world famous restaurant we’ve been mildly, nay, wildly obsessed with this whole style of cooking. Even before we were watching Heston experiment with such techniques, we were dreaming of things to spherify, freeze or reduce.

It’s the kind of book that publisher Phaidon do so well; beautifully illustrated and bound with fold-out sheets and stunning photographs, it’s a 500+ page behemoth. It’s not in our kitchen, it’s in our library, because it’s another not-an-actual-recipe book, rather a highly detailed account of every minute behind the scenes from dawn to dusk. Don’t worry, there are dozens of techniques and recipes throughout the book, though some are out of reach of the ‘regular’ cook due to their requirement to specialist equipment, but fear not, it doesn’t detract from this absolutely stunning title.

We can’t recommend this one highly enough – it’d be one of our ‘desert island’ books, although the practicalities of trying to swim with a 2kg+ book probably outweigh the chance of either one of us arriving on said island in the first place.

We implore you, buy this book and marvel at the genius of Ferran Adria.


Note for these book reviews:

Like many others, our shelves are  groaning under the weight of cookbooks, some celebrity, some less well known. Of course, we have plenty of the Jamie, Heston and Hugh FW collections, but there’s also quite a few gems that have a lower profile, most undeservedly so. So we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you in the hope you’ll do the same and we’ll all be a little richer because of it. These are books chosen from our own collection, many which we’ve had for years, and only mentioned here because we love them! In case it helps, we’ve added a link to so you can read other reviews and maybe see what offers they have on any that might take your fancy.

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