Book review: Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros

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Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros

OK, we admit to having bought this mainly for the title and the cover; I know, we’re suckers for looks. But we weren’t disappointed when we opened it. i’m somewhat ashamed to say though that it took us (literally) a couple of years to properly open it though, and I wish we’d have done it before then.

The cuisine is the result of a Russian, Finnish & Cypriot family background, further influenced by the author travelling to learn about other cultures and food. This translates into a fantastic range of recipes ranging from herrings, gravadlax, stroganoff, pasta dishes and the wonderfully fragrant orange and rose blossom water.

As you’d expect being raised in such cultures at such a time, there are enough ‘peasant-style’ dishes like Oven Cooked Potatoes with Onions and Cream to satisfy those who dream of simple, cheap, flavoursome and quick to prepare dishes.

Almost journal like, each dish has meaning to the author and it’s a weighty, beautifully photographed example of a non-mainstream book that really does deserve a look. Just don’t wait two years before doing it.


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