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SuperBoost Bircher

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Bircher, or overnight oats, really is one of the most incredible breakfasts you can have, full of nutrition & slow-release energy to keep you fuelled up post-workout or simply for the day ahead. And the best thing? It is the simplest thing you will prepare all day; just a few minutes prep the night before gives an instant breakfast to grab …

Vanilla Poached Apricots with Orange Flower

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Being more savoury than sweet, we prefer starters to desserts a lot of the time, but Vanilla Poached Apricots with Orange Flower tick all the boxes: light, simple, fresh & tangy with the Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche to add creaminess. Deceptively simple to prepare, it’s an ideal foil for a big meal or for those times when you just want something a …

Peaches in a natural cough syrup!

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This is the time of year for sore throats and sniffles, so what better way to seek relief than a bowl of warm poached peaches in a soothing syrup with a spoon of lovely, thick Greek yoghurt? Because the spices have a combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cough suppressant properties, the soothing syrup is natures way of helping when you feel under the weather. …