Chai Spice Energy Bites

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Our Chai Spiced Energy Bites are simple to make & are so tasty. Protein-rich, they’ll give you a boost when you need it most, whether post-workout or in the afternoon when you need a natural pick-me-up to get you through until dinner without snacking on junk.

In less than 5 minutes, with no cooking, you’ll have stacks of these little energy bites chilling in the fridge, ready to give you a kickstart whenever you need it!

If you’re into protein shakes, why not add a spoon of that to the mix too for an extra boost?

Makes around 24 balls

  1. in a food processor, add everything except the coconut and blitz for a minute or so, until it forms a sticky crumb texture
  2. put the coconut in a bowl
  3. take a small spoon of the mixture, roll into a ball and roll that around in the coconut to coat
  4. transfer to a plate & chill in the fridge until ready to eat

It’s easy to tweak according to taste:

This is the basic recipe – tweak it to your taste & find the perfect combo for you!

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