Cold-pressed Infused Oils

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Bestselling Oils Taster 4-PackSince we launched almost three years ago, we’ve tweaked the recipes for our Cold-pressed Infused Oils but have been trying hard to find the time to really focus on creating some interesting flavour combos.

Never one to do things by half-measures, we’re pleased to announce that we have launched nine – yes, nine – new beautiful Infused cold-pressed Oils for your dipping and drizzling pleasure!

White Truffle Oil

Of course, we’ve got the favourite like Garlic and Basil, but we’ve also got some interesting combos like our Chilli & Sicilian Lemon and our Rosemary & Garlic. Classic flavours to enhance any meals with just a drizzle! And if you’re feeling decadent, try our finest White Truffle oil for an incredible flavour explosion!

Why not explore the range here and imagine what you could do with them!


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