Goat’s Cheese Salad on a stick with Balsamic drizzle

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We love this classic appetiser and serving it is so much easier when it’s on a stick! The saltiness of the goat’s cheese is balanced with sweetness of the balsamic and the parma ham. Serve with a chilled glass of prosecco for a real treat!

Ingredients (makes around 20)


  1. Add the spinach leaves to a bowl and drizzle over the Balsamic vinegar. Dress well and put to one side.
  2. Cut the Goat’s cheese (and the fig, if using) into small, bite-size cubes; cut the ham in half lengthways
  3. Now for the assembly! Take a cube of Goat’s cheese, wrap it in a few of the spinach leaves (this is a bit fiddly), then wrap the ham around it and secure with the cocktail stick. If you’re using the Blackberry & Rosemary Balsamic, it’s nice to squeeze a bite of a real fig into the cheese too, but if you’re using the Fig & Date Balsamic, there’s no need for the extra fig. (Seriously, have you tried it? It’s so figgy!)
  4. Arrange them all on a plate – and try and resist eating them as you make them – we normally have to make twice as many as we need for the occasion as they’re just so tempting! That’s also the reason we can’t prepare pistachios for a recipe that way – there’s none left when we’ve finished shelling 🙂

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