Having a BBQ? You need our Magic BBQ Dust!

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We’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeves this summer! Our new Magic BBQ Dust is a stunning seasoning to use with literally anything you’re BBQ’ing – and it’s so easy to use. Just throw a pinch on your food as you’re cooking – don’t forget the other side when you turn it over – and you’ll get a huge flavour boost to lift your BBQ to another level.

MagicDustOf course, you can combine a splash of oil and a teaspoon of Magic BBQ Dust in a bowl and stir into a lovely marinade, but the quickest and easiest way is just throwing a pinch on here and there as it sizzles!

Don’t forget – there’s nothing artificial in any of our blends – just pure, freshly ground spice and herbs.

It’s great on pork, chicken, prawns, steak, kebabs and so much more. Try a pinch in homemade burgers too – and if you don’t make your own burgers for the BBQ, keep an eye for a great recipe for those too later!

So, have fun, experiment and let us know how you get on!

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