Making a Herby Brush

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You should know by now that our quest is to squeeze every ounce of flavour out of whatever we’re eating. Whilst rubs, flavoured salts and infused oils and vinegars play their part, there’s some other easy ways you can use to take your cooking to another level. Surprisingly, a little Herby Brush delivers a huge flavour boost with almost no effort, which makes it ok in our book.

There’s no hard and fast rules: just use whatever herbs you have handy but if they include thyme and rosemary you’re going to get some cracking flavour – and the rosemary will give your brush some strength! If you’ve only got softer herbs, tie them around the handle of a wooden spoon or a stick to give it strength.

Simply tie a few sprigs together with a bit of kitchen string and use it to brush and baste a marinade or rub onto your BBQ’d food. Here’s some combos you could try:

  1. Finely chopped garlic, the juice & zest of a lemon and rapeseed oil to loosen: brush on fish, prawns or lamb with a rosemary brush; add a chopped chilli if you want some bite
  2. Finely chopped garlic, chilli, ginger and the white part of lemongrass, the juice and zest of a lime, a splash of fish sauce and sesame or rapeseed oil to loosen. Bash the stalks of the lemongrass to crush them and release more flavour and tie into your herby brush; use it to marinate king prawns, squid or a robust white fish.
  3. Add a pinch of our Magic BBQ Dust to a splash of apple juice and brush on pork or seafood kebabs with a herby brush

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