We were tired of powdery, stale & boring ingredients & we don’t always want a ‘curry kit’ with a long list of ingredients & instructions. We wanted something more versatile.
We believe if you were to have a wish list of things your spice mix should be, you’d have a few things that were important:

Only 3 of our 60+ rubs contain sugar & even that is raw, unrefined cane sugar. All the rest are zero sugar so they’re tastier & healthier for you too

We use a quarter of the salt you’d expect to find in similar products & only ever sea salt – never, ever refined salt

There are no fillers at all in any of our products, so they go further as well as being healthier & tastier

Because we blend everything ourselves using the finest spice, you get texture not just stale powder – & texture means flavour!

We innovate, not imitate. Our unique flavour combos will give layers of flavour & incredible depth.

We blend everything in small batches, so it’s likely your blend will just be days or weeks old!

How to use


How to use



Our Balsamic range is really special. We import a beautiful aged balsamic from Modena & infuse it with real fruit & spice. 

But there’s another big difference with ours & the other mass-produced fruit vinegars: we don’t add a grain of sugar. So ours is a rich, complex balsamic instead of a sugary-sweet, ‘cloying’ dressing. It also means you’ll use just a few drops of ours compared with a tablespoon of the cheaper imitations. 

Check the ingredients on others & then ours; we think you’ll be shocked at what goes into theirs (& stays out of ours!). Once you’ve tried a ‘real’ balsamic, you won’t want a fake one again!

All the sweetness in our balsamic vinegars is from the passing of time & from the fruit itself. Never, ever any added sugar or sweeteners. 

Watch out for caramel (E150) in inferior 'balsamic' vinegars; they need it to add colour & sweetness because the vinegar isn't good enough without it. Ours is totally natural!

We only use genuine balsamic vinegar from Modena. It costs more than the cheap spirit vinegars most others use, but one taste of ours & you'll know why we do. Our award-winning ‘Gran Riserva‘ is stunning; naturally sweet & syrupy, and we the base for any of our fruit infusions. 

Our unique Mango & Green Apple White Balsamic is fresh & zingy, perfect for seafood, chicken or salads: Blackberry & Rosemary is fabulous on lamb instead of mint sauce. Pomegranate & Fig is bursting with fruit to take food to another level! Expand your horizons & experience layers of incredible flavour!

We’ve seen others where ‘balsamic vinegar’ has been the third biggest ingredient after spirit vinegar & sugar! Not ours. We use a pure balsamic vinegar & nothing else.


We made a conscious decision to support British farmers & use cold-pressed rapeseed oil instead of olive oil. Apart from being able to guarantee the quality & provenance, we believe that rapeseed oil gives a much better infusion as it’s a cleaner, purer taste. The fact that it has a lot more health benefits compared with olive oil, half the saturated fat, high levels of omega oils & so on, provides even more assurance that switching is the better thing to do.

With the support of a lot of mainstream chefs now too, it is fast becoming more popular with consumers once they realise how much better it tastes!

Support British farmers & get higher food provenance

Our technique to infuse the oil gives layered flavour instead of all in one hit. Flavour combos like our Garlic & Rosemary or our Chilli & Lemon oil are changing how people use infused oils!

Unlike some others, we only use cold-pressed oil from the first pressing for a pure, clean & consistent flavour.

Rapeseed oil is around half the saturated fat to olive oil & full of Omegas

Because it gets hotter than olive oil, it gets roast potatoes even crispier! Use for stir fries, baking & more!

How to use


How to use



If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to add real flavour to food, our flavoured salt is the answer. We use the purest, flakiest British sea salt & infuse it with pure herbs & spice.

There’s a lot of publicity about salt levels in foods today, right so, but the issues are related more to processed foods because you can’t easily see how much you’re eating unless you study the pack. Seasoning your food as you cook means you’ll use less salt on your plate at the end. Sea salt is also saltier, so you use less. Ditch the table salt for pure sea salt instead.

We use pure sea salt flakes rather than cheap, imported rock salt. This means you don’t need a grinder – just crumble a pinch between your fingers for instant flavour!

Harvested by hand in British waters, our salt flakes are the purest, whitest, cleanest tasting salt flakes – perfect for our flavour infusions

Use them in exactly the same way as you would regular sea salt, to cook with or to season. For instance, adding a pinch of our Vanilla salt when you cook pork, fish or chicken makes a massive difference with no effort.

We have some clever flavour combos to help you get the best out of your cooking. Our stunning Seaweed Spiced Salt is the perfect partner to seafood or chicken, our fiery Japanese Fire Salt gives anything a kick & our Herb Salt is essential for roast potatoes or meats!


Our range of blender boosters & superfoods are a fantastic way to get a burst of extra nutrition with every smoothie.

Naturally, we don’t add sugar to any of them so you can be sure our perfectly balanced blend of seeds, powders & fruits adds a burst of flavour & nutrition with none of the nasties!

Try adding 1-2 tsp of any of these blends to your smoothie in the morning for a delicious, nutritious burst of energy to kick off your day. They’re also great added to overnight oats too!

Zero added sugar. No nasties. Just pure fruits, seeds & powders to keep you on plan

Add to smoothies, overnight oats or breakfast cereals

Whether it's a fruity, chocolatey or a green-veggies kind of day, we've got the right combo of powders, fruits, seeds & nutritious greens to set you on the right path.

How to use


How to use


Tea & Tisanes

All teas are not created equal.

We use the finest teas, herbs, fruits & spices from around the world & carefully blend them to create unique flavour experiences. Our loose tea blends contain no extra packaging, no messy pouches, plastic wraps or bags for landfill; instead they are filled into easily-recyclable sealed tins to maintain freshness & keep away the damaging light.

This is no ordinary tea. This is tea with purpose.

We blend with care to create less dust, meaning you get cleaner tasting tea with more flavour, using less weight of tea than inferior blends. 

No micro-plastic teabags for landfill, no pouches or plastic wrap. Just the finest loose leaf teas in recyclable metal tins to keep them fresh as well as reducing waste.

From the finest black tea mellowed with vanilla, green teas balanced with blueberry-creaminess, fruit tisanes bursting with berries & the calming chamomile in our Sleep Tight tisane, there's something for any time of day. 

herbs & spices

We source the finest quality spices & herbs for the freshest, punchiest flavour.

They’re not just for curries either! Rub some Sweet Paprika & Ground Coriander onto a chicken breast before cooking for a massive flavour boost. A pinch of turmeric on chicken gives lovely flavour & colour too.

Available in resealable, stackable pots, they offer tremendous value for money compared with older supermarket products.

Our extensive range includes more specialist products like Rose Petals, Lime Leaves & Fire-Roasted Cumin as well as the store-cupboard essentials. Most ground products are also available as whole seeds.

We use only the best spices & herbs we can find so you can be sure of the quality

How to use