This set of 12 mini glass jars are perfect around the kitchen for storing spices, herbs, preserves, dry ingredients, jams, chutneys & so much more. They look fab in the cupboard or on a spice rack.

They’re also perfect for storing cosmetic creams, making candles, arts & crafts.

Each jar has a capacity of 100ml & measures 5.2cm x 7.2cm high. Also included are 24 labels & a quality chalk pen.

Available either just as a set of 12 jars, or with with 12 full size pots of spices so you can fill & use straight away.

If you decide to have them shipped with a complete set of 12 spices, you’ll also get: Paprika (35g), Cumin ground (35g), Coriander ground (35g), Turmeric (35g), Chilli powder (35g), Ginger ground (35g), Garlic Granules (40g), Basil (15g), Thyme (15g), Oregano (12g), Parsley (8g) & Herbes de Provence (15g). This makes a great spice starter kit!

The labels on the spice pots can be peeled off and stuck to the glass jars as well if you want to, or just use the labels provided with the kit and the chalk pen.

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