This pack of 20 Stainless Steel Metal Skewers is the perfect barbecue accessory. These 35cm long skewers are flat, thus holding everything in place more easily so the meat & veggies don’t roll around on the skewer, resulting in perfect grill marks & the food being cooked through properly.

Made from Food Grade 304 stainless steel, these sturdy skewers are durable & reusable. They will not rust & the handles don’t retain the heat for long so they’re easier to use.

They’re simple to clean too & can be hand washed with gentle detergent & warm water, dried well, & kept in a safe dry place for further use. Dishwasher friendly as well.

These are so much better than wooden skewers that burn & have to be replaced. This is probably the last set of skewers you’ll need to buy!

The set of 20 skewers comes in a highly convenient & easily portable storage tube. Throw the tube in with your barbecue when you go camping & you’ll always be prepared to grill!

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