Our 4 Veggie Spice Gift Set is a great way to celebrate veggies. Incredibly versatile, they are just as suited to ‘indoor cooking’ as they are for a BBQ.

A gift-tubed collection of 4 full size pots, this is the perfect way to rub, marinade & pinch your way to incredible flavour.

Each 4 Veggie Spice Gift Set contains:

  • Halloumi & Tofu Spice: a gorgeous blend of spices, including sweet paprika, lemon zest, coriander & thyme, this is a versatile, easy way to give a massive flavour boost to otherwise-bland food. A pinch on asparagus as you cook it will take this humble spear to the next level! Dust onto halloumi before frying or grilling it or use to coat tofu before you fry it. This is an amazing blend that gives any veggies a gorgeous flavour. 
  • Epic Roasties & Veggie Dust: up your roasties game & take veggies to new levels with our Epic Roasties & Veggies Dust! For the perfect roasties, par-boil for around 8 mins, drain & let steam dry for 5-10 mins. Add to a roasting tray with a drizzle of Rosemary & Garlic oil (or plain oil), turn them to coat & sprinkle with 1 tsp of Epic Roasties & Veggies Dust. Cook for about 30-40 mins at 220c, turning after 20 mins, so they look & taste awesome. Or try some awesome Brussels sprouts: shred them nice & finely, add to a wok or frying pan with a tiny bit of butter, a splash of your favourite oil & 1 tsp of Epic Roasties & Veggies Dust. Cook for 5 mins on a fairly high heat, stirring as needed to stop them catching. This will be your new favourite way to cook them. This is an amazing blend that gives any veggies a gorgeous flavour.
  • Falafel Spice: a gorgeous blend of spices, including coriander, cumin, parsley & nutmeg, this is the simplest way to create home made falafel & hummus. Just blitz a can of drained chickpeas in a food processor with 3 tsp of Falafel spice & 1 Tbsp flour until smooth. Then shape into patties or balls & fry until golden. Serve with flatbreads & hummus. This makes a great addition to a mezze feast! Our Falafel spice also makes fab hummus! The ‘cheat method’ is to stir 1 tsp of Falafel spice into shop-bought hummus & finish with a drizzle of Sicilian Lemon oil, but it’s a simple dish to prepare from scratch anyway.
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes: made from primary inactive yeast with no artificial additives or preservatives,  this is a versatile vegan food with have a deliciously nutty, cheesy taste. An essential part of many vegetarian vegan diets, it can be sprinkled on anything for a cheesy flavour during cooking, or used simply as a condiment & sprinkled over food when serving. It’s a perfect alternative to parmesan cheese or makes a great ‘cheese’ sauce. 

Our blends are NOT single use pots, so use what you need, then pop the lid back on until you need them again. Zero waste & no half-opened packets of spice falling over in the cupboard. Each pot is enough for 4-5 family meals, so there’s enough here for 20+ meals.

Because we’re all about easy with no complicated recipes or cooking techniques, this is an easy way to keep those takeaways at bay. It also makes a perfect Secret Santa or dinner party gift!

They’re all ‘free’ on slimming plans too so you can be sure every product is:

  • NO sugar, NO fillers, Gluten free, NO MSG, NO preservatives or anti-caking agents
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Freshly made in small batches to unique recipes

There’s loads of recipes on our website & on the Recipe Tips leaflet that comes in every tube.


  • Halloumi & Tofu Spice: sweet paprika, garlic, cumin, coriander, lemon zest, cayenne, oregano, nutritional yeast & thyme; 35g
  • Epic Roasties & Veggie Dust: garlic, cumin, onion, pepper, sweet paprika, thyme, oregano, nutritional yeast, polenta & sea salt; 35g
  • Falafel Spice: coriander, cumin, parsley, cayenne, paprika, pepper, fennel, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg & cloves; 35g
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes: dried inactive yeast; 30g