Our Aged Balsamic Salt is really special. It’s an incredible infusion of the purest sea salt flakes with naturally sweet, matured ‘Special Reserve’ Balsamic Vinegar steeped in delicate herbs. One pinch of this on tomatoes, meats or veg dishes gives the dish a burst of intensity. Use as a finishing salt when serving steak or red meat & you’ll get a gorgeous hit of umami flavour.

Add a pinch to roast meats, wedges or when seasoning paella or risotto for an extra flavour dimension.

Like the rest of the flavoured salts in our range, this uses lovely crisp flakes rather than cheap, imported rock salt, so you don’t even need a grinder – just crumble a pinch between your fingers. So, ditch the table salt – use just a pinch of real sea salt and you’ll taste the difference immediately.

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