Our gorgeous Extra Special Foodie Hamper is a great addition to our Hamper lineup & includes many of our newly launched range.

Tempt your tastebuds with 6 flavour-packed rubs & salt, full size bottles of our gorgeous High-Density Aged White Balsamic Vinegar, an incredible Orange & Rosemary Vincotto & our top-selling Sicilian Lemon Oil.

Packaged in a custom made box with Recipe Tips for the perfect present.

More details on the set:

High-Density Aged White Balsamic vinegar: even richer & smoother than our existing Aged White Balsamic, this one aged for even longer until it’s thicker, giving it a longer finish with less sharpness. Naturally sweet, producing a clean, fresh-tasting dressing. It’s got sweetness, creaminess & butterscotch backnotes with almost no sharpness. It’s perfect for salads, couscous, halloumi, fish dishes, roast or sautéed vegetables, seafood & more.

Orange & Rosemary Vincotto: a gorgeous infusion using our incredible Pure Vincotto as the base. The richness of an aged balsamic with no acidity or vinegar-sharpness. It’s so smooth & delicious. Naturally sweet & thick, use a few drops on Greek yoghurt, overnight oats, berries, melon, ice cream & desserts. It’s also beautiful on meats, cheese boards, salads & sauces. A few drop on ceviche or avocado as you serve is sublime.

Sicilian Lemon Oil: light & delicious, giving a gorgeously lemony kick to anything it touches! It’s beautiful drizzled on prawns, pizza, pasta, fish, feta, scallops & more. It’s also equally at home as a marinade, salad dressing or bread-dipper.

Avocado Spice: a really interesting blend, full of flavour to boost an otherwise bland fruit. We don’t mind avocado, but we LOVE it with a pinch of our Avocado Spice! As well as extra flavour, it’ll give you texture & crunch. Sprinkle a good pinch over sliced avocado, or stir 1 tsp into smashed avo with a squeeze of lime for a quick guacamole. Equally delicious on halloumi, tofu & houmous too. 40g

Summer Citrus BBQ Dust: sunshine in a pot! The blend is zesty & fresh without the heat, perfect for pepping up prawns, chicken, fish, meats, veggies & halloumi. Dust the food as it’s cooking, BBQ or pan, or add 1 tsp to a splash of oil for a quick marinade. Rub on a chicken before roasting, pork or steak before BBQ’ing or dust on salmon or sweet potato wedges before air-frying. 40g

Pasta Spice: pasta doesn’t have to be complicated (or tomato sauce-based), in fact, many of the best Italian pasta dishes are simplicity themselves. For the quickest dish, add 1-2 tsp of Pasta Spice to a good glug of oil & gently warm through; toss through cooked & drained pasta & finish off with parmesan & fresh basil. Also great to start off a risotto, or mix 1-2 tsp with some breadcrumbs to coat skinless chicken thigh fillets & air-fry for 22 mins. 40g

Epic Pizza Seasoning: the easiest way to boost the flavour of any pizza, whether homemade or when pepping up a shop bought pizza. Just add a good pinch onto the pizza before you cooking, or rub onto flatbread or garlic bread. For a quick marinade, add 1 tsp to melted butter or oil & marinate anything, especially prawns. 35g

Salad Days Salad Topper: we love the way a sprinkle of something can give flavour & texture to a simple salad. In ours, we have seeds, fruit & a little spice along with edible marigold petals. Nothing hot, just flavour. Sprinkle a good pinch over any salad leaves and see the difference it makes. This is equally versatile on things like sliced avocado on toast, halloumi, tofu & houmous too. 50g

Smoky BBQ Salt: the quickest & convenient way to season & give a real BBQ kick to anything, whether you’re BBQ’ing or cooking on the hob or oven. Stir a pinch into mashed potatoes for an delicious side dish or sprinkle on just about anything else including chicken, pork, kebabs, seafood, roast potatoes, sweet potato wedges & veggies. 60g


  • Avocado Spice: Aleppo Chilli Pepper, Black Pepper, Black SESAME Seeds, Lemon Zest, Parsley, Sea Salt, Sumac, Tomato, Pink Peppercorns
  • Summer Citrus BBQ Dust: Black Pepper, Coriander, Garlic, Lemon Zest, Orange Zest, Parsley, Sea Salt
  • Pasta Spice: Basil, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Red Bell Pepper, Sea Salt, Sweet Paprika, Tomato
  • Epic Pizza Seasoning: Aleppo Chilli Pepper, Basil, Garlic, Nutritional Yeast, Onion, Oregano, Red Bell Pepper, Sea Salt, Thyme
  • Salad Days Salad Topper: Goji Berries, Lemon Zest, Chervil, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Marigold, Mulberries, Pink Peppercorns, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds
  • Smoky BBQ Salt: Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Red Bell Pepper, Sea Salt Flakes, Smoked Sea Salt Flakes, Smoked Paprika, Thyme, Chipotle Chillies
  • High-Density Aged White Balsamic vinegar: Aged Balsamic Vinegar [concentrated grape must, wine vinegar]. Contains sulfites.
  • Orange & Rosemary Vincotto: Concentrated Grape Must, Rosemary, Orange. Contains sulfites.
  • Sicilian Lemon Oil: Rapeseed oil infused with lemon