Looking for a gift for a discerning foodie that loves fish? Our Fish Lover’s Oil Collection is the perfect thing!

A beautiful combination of our Sicilian Lemon oil, Fragrant Dill oil and our gorgeously intense Smoked oil is the perfect introduction to our cold-pressed infusions

  • Sicilian Lemon oil: light & delicious with a lusciously lemony kick! Beautiful drizzled on prawns, pizza, pasta, fish, scallops & more It’s also equally at home as a marinade or salad dressing
  • Fragrant Dill oil: heady, aromatic & delicious, the perfect partner to seafood. Make a simple dressing with a touch of balsamic or lemon juice and drizzle over salmon, prawns & other seafood It makes a fabulous marinade too
  • Smoked oil: delicious, rich & smokey, perfect for drizzling on prawns, scallops & other seafood as well as noodles, dressings & tapas. A drizzle on a trout or salmon fillet gives it incredible depth

We use a gorgeous, single-estate British rapeseed oil that’s cold-pressed, so it’s as good drizzled on salads as it is for cooking with. Apart from supporting British farmers, we find the infusions taste ‘cleaner’ and are more defined using rapeseed oil. As well as having half the saturated fat than olive oil, rapeseed oil gets hotter before reaching its smoking point so it’s easier to get things crispy, like roast potatoes, with less effort

Packaged in a gift box with a Recipe Tips leaflet, this is a perfect way to let someone experience the world of ‘Taste’. It also makes a much more interesting host gift at a dinner party than a bunch of flowers!


  • Sicilian Lemon oil: cold pressed rapeseed oil infused with Sicilian lemon
  • Fragrant Dill oil: cold pressed rapeseed oil infused with dill
  • Smoked oil: cold pressed rapeseed oil, smoked

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (Typical values per 100ml)

Energy 3700 KJ (900 kcal); Protein 0.1g; Carbohydrate 0.1g of which sugars 0.1g; Fat 92.1g, of which saturates, 7.21g, mono-unsaturated, 58.57g, of which omega 9, 58.36g, polyunsaturates, 26.32g of which omega 3, 9.64g, of which omega 6, 16.68g of which cholesterol, 1mg; Fibre 0.1g; Sodium 0.1g; Vitamin E 23.1mg

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