Our versatile Foodie Combo Box is a great intro to the world of TASTE with something for everyone! Set contains of our most popular sugar-free rubs plus 3 x 100ml bottles of our beautiful infused oils, Rosemary & Garlic oil, Sicilian Lemon oil & Basil oil, all packaged in a custom made box with Recipe Tips for that perfect present.

More details on the set:

  • Rosemary & Garlic oil: gorgeously earthy & garlicky, this makes fab roast potatoes & stir fries, or drizzle on pasta or pizza
  • Basil oil: pungent & aromatic, this is beautiful drizzled on pasta or tomatoes. There’s enough of a basil hit for bruschetta or pesto – even if you don’t have fresh basil!
  • Sicilian Lemon oil: tangy, fresh & bright, this is the perfect partner to drizzle on seafood & salads. Stir a splash into mayo for a quick lemon mayo!
  • Steak rub: fab on steak (obviously) but add to mince & chopped onions for homemade burgers, chilli or stew
  • Chicken rub: gives chicken & pork a flavour boost – try a pinch on your roast potatoes too!
  • Herby Fish rub: great for fish but also works well on pork & chicken with it’s lemony, herby notes
  • Mediterranean rub: herby & fresh, this is as gorgeous made into a marinade with a splash of oil as it is stirred into some mayo or yoghurt. Try a pinch on cooked pizza or pasta too.
  • Moroccan rub: a rich blend of cardamon, ginger, turmeric, rose petals & more makes the perfect tagine or slow cooker meal
  • Spicy Taco rub: our ‘go-to’ rub & one of the most versatile, this makes incredible fajitastacos, chilli, roast chicken, potato wedges, stir fries & more. Add a splash of oil & use to marinate meat or veg too.

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