Our ‘Get Tasty’ 8 Rub Collection is a highly versatile selection of our top selling rubs, salts & spices to inspire you at mealtimes!

The gift box contains 8 of our essential all-rounders:

  • Steak rub: fab on steak (obviously) but add to mince & chopped onions for homemade burgers, chilli or stew
  • Chicken rub: gives chicken & pork a flavour boost – try a pinch on your roast potatoes too!
  • Herby Fish rub: great for fish but also works well on pork & chicken with it’s lemony, herby notes
  • Spicy Taco rub: our ‘go-to’ rub & one of the most versatile, this makes incredible fajitastacos, chilli, roast chicken, potato wedges, stir fries & more. Add a splash of oil & use to marinate meat or veg too
  • Harissa rub: inspired by North African spices, this chilli-based blend with mint, caraway, cumin & more is great for livening up any meat, fish or veg
  • Herb salt: a great all-rounder, the quickest way to season food & add flavour at the same time – great on roast potatoes or meats
  • Lemon Pepper: zesty & warm, add a pinch to chicken or fish for huge flavour
  • Mulled Spice Kit: 3 silky bags of sugar-free mulled spice, each one perfect for a bottle of wine, side or apple juice

Each box has a Recipe Tips leaflet inside – the perfect gift for someone who needs a little ‘taste’ in their life!