One step up from our base Foodie Combo Box is our Gourmet Foodie Hamper Box!

This set contains of our most popular sugar-free rubs plus 2 x 100ml bottles of our beautiful infused oils PLUS a bottle of our Great Taste Award Winner ‘Gran Riserva’ ‘Special Reserve’ Aged Balsamic Vinegar.

More details on the set:

  • ‘Gran Riserva’ ‘Special Reserve’ Aged Balsamic Vinegar: a stunning, pure balsamic vinegar, rich, thick & naturally sweet. Use as a glaze or a dressing for salads, meats, sauces & more. This is a truly beautiful balsamic unlike any you’ve tasted before, with NO added sugar.
  • Rosemary & Garlic oil: gorgeously earthy & garlicky, this makes fab roast potatoes & stir fries, or drizzle on pasta or pizza
  • Sicilian Lemon oil: tangy, fresh & bright, this is the perfect partner to drizzle on seafood & salads. Stir a splash into may for a quick lemon mayo!
  • Steak rub: fab on steak (obviously) but add to mince & chopped onions for homemade burgers, chilli or stew
  • Chicken rub: gives chicken & pork a flavour boost – try a pinch on your roast potatoes too!
  • Herby Fish rub: great for fish but also works well on pork & chicken with it’s lemony, herby notes
  • Mediterranean rub: herby & fresh, this is as gorgeous made into a marinade with a splash of oil as it is stirred into some mayo or yoghurt. Try a pinch on cooked pizza or pasta too.
  • Moroccan rub: a fabulous blend of cardamon, ginger, turmeric, rose petals & more to make the perfect tagine or slow cooker meal
  • Spicy Taco rub: our ‘go-to’ rub & one of the most versatile, this makes incredible fajitastacos, chilli, roast chicken, potato wedges, stir fries & more. Add a splash of oil & use to marinate meat or veg too.

We use our GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNING Gran Riserva ‘Special Reserve’ Aged Balsamic Vinegar in this collection. This is what the judges had to say about this balsamic:

  • Glossy, with good consistency; the ageing has done its work
  • Real molasses notes; complex sweetness & lovely balance of acidity
  • A dark & rich balsamic with good consistency & beautiful sheen

The key differences between our stunning, authentic aged balsamic vinegars compared with cheaper imitations are:

  1. WE DON’T use watery, thin balsamic vinegar; ours are thick enough to use as a glaze but with NO artificial sweeteners or thickeners.
  2. WE DON’T do ‘reductions’ – cheaper vinegars that have been boiled to reduce them (sometimes even with sugar) & make them thicker.
  3. WE DON’T add a grain of sugar, caramel (E150) or sweeteners anywhere in the process – all the sweetness comes from the passing of time & from the fruit itself. 

Ours is unlike any ‘supermarket balsamic’ or cheap, watery vinegars made with 40-50% sugar.

Packaged in a custom made box with Recipe Tips for that perfect present.