Our stunning new High-Density Aged White Balsamic vinegar is a real treat! Even richer & smoother than our existing award-winning White Aged Balsamic, this is aged for even longer until it’s thicker, giving it a longer finish with less sharpness.

Naturally sweet, we don’t add a grain of sugar to this balsamic either, resulting in a clean, fresh-tasting dressing. It’s got sweetness, creaminess & butterscotch backnotes with almost no sharpness. It’s perfect for salads, couscous, halloumi, fish dishes, roast or sautéed vegetables, seafood, tomatoes – in fact anything where you want to add flavour without overpowering the food itself.

It’s noticeably thicker & more syrupy than any we’ve seen, almost on par with our traditional (darker) aged balsamic. If you like our existing Aged White Balsamic, you’ll love this one too, especially if you like it a little smoother & richer!

It’s also ‘free’ on all the slimming plans we know of!

Our High-Density Aged White Balsamic vinegar won’t caramelise as easily as the darker balsamic vinegars so it’s versatile enough to use in cooking.

A drizzle in the last minute of cooking pancetta or roast pork will add an extra dimension of flavour that works beautifully, or use to balance a ceviche for a lightness & purity that is difficult to achieve using a cheap, sugary-sweet fruit vinegar.

This is unlike any ‘supermarket balsamic’; in fact, look at the ingredients in the cheap ones & you might be surprised! Instead, this is an incredible partner to anything and you’ll only need the lightest drizzle to give a real richness to anything.