One of our new range of spices developed to add a flavour boost to your favourite ground coffee, Vietnam Vibe is a classic blend of Asian flavours, fusing smoky, aromatic spiciness with star anise for sweetness. We use real black cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves & black pepper instead of artificial flavourings.

We’ve launched this range under a different brand – Joe’s Spiced Coffee – as it forms part of a larger specialised offering we’re working on for the coming months. But it has been developed, blended & packed by us so you already know it’s going to add huge flavour to anything it touches!

Perfect as a morning treat or with a croissant! This would also work to spice up a hot chocolate, or try a pinch to finish a frothy latte or cappuccino.

It will work well with your favourite coffee, especially with an intense, rich roast.

How to use:

  • Add 1/2 tsp to your ground coffee & brew in the usual way
  • Works with cafetière, drip, V60 & filter
  • Add a pinch on a latte or cappuccino for extra flavour​
  • Or add 1/2 tsp to some milk as you froth it to make a latte or cappuccino

Volume: 40g resealable pot. Shelf life 18-24 months.