Magic BBQ Dust is our secret weapon for amazing BBQ flavour! It’s so versatile & a stunning seasoning to use with literally anything you’re cooking.

You can use it as a rub, but the easiest way is to just throw a pinch on your food as you’re cooking. Every time you turn the food over add another pinch; by the time it’s cooked you’ll have a fantastic, spicy crust of flavour that is going to lift your food to another level.

Great on pork, chicken, prawns, veggies, halloumi, steak & kebabs. Try a pinch in homemade burgers or meatballs too.

We even add it to tomato sauces to boost the flavour. 

NOTE: we’re calling this ‘mild’, but it is at the top-end of the mild scale, just a step below hot. If you go easy with it, you’ll keep it mild with incredible flavour – use more of it & you’ll tip over into ‘hot’ for that extra kick. You decide!