A blend of smoky & sweet paprika is given a kick with chillies & cayenne, perfectly balanced with oregano & a lemony, citrusy tang to keep it fresh. It pairs beautifully with roast chicken, pork, wedges or even prawns.

It’s also a winner on veggie dishes as our Piri Piri Cauliflower Steak recipe shows.

Most Piri Piri rubs are packed full of sugar – but NOT this one! Our gorgeous Piri Piri Rub is zero sugar & very low salt, producing a rub that’s packed full of flavour with none of the nasties!

Like so many in our range, this is another that’s sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo and vegan too. With no fillers or anything artificial, our unique blend of herbs and spice create the purest, freshest flavour possible to give your food attitude. 

It’s easy to make the perfect marinade or drizzle: mix 1-2 tsp with a splash of oil & drizzle on pork or chicken a few hours before (overnight is best) to really absorb the flavours. Try throwing a pinch on wedges or roast potatoes too! We even mix some of this into mayo for a gorgeous dip for wedges.

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