Our Pukka Dukkah is a gorgeous blend of toasted nuts & spice. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cumin, coriander, coriander, cumin, fennel & sesame seeds are all roasted individually then blended to form the base of this wonderfully aromatic & extremely versatile dish.

It would be cheaper to flll it out & use a majority of sesame seeds but that’s doesn’t taste as good, so more than half the ingredients in ours are whole nuts, toasted & crushed by us to the texture we want. In fact, the best traditional recipes use a majority of hazlenuts in the blend so, guess what, we do too!

The classic way to eat it is to dip some crusty bread in oil, then into the Dukkah & eat. But it’s also great on other things too. Use as a sprinkle on a salad, a crust for lamb or fish, sprinkle onto a thick soup to give texture & spice or try a pinch on sprinkled over avocado toast too for a decadent treat!

Makes a perfect lunch or part of a tapas / meze selection and a great alternative to ‘chips & dips’ at a dinner party.

Dukkah is huge in Australia & New Zealand & we always make sure we get our friends from down under to taste ours when we talk to them at our events. So far, everyone has loved it which is a real compliment, because if the experts love it – you will too!

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