Made from the dried, crushed berries of a sumac tree, Sumac (or sumak) is an essential part of any Middle Eastern cuisine. It imparts the citrusy taste of lemon without any of the acidity and is delicious in marinades, seasonings, stews and soups. Some others have added salt but ours is nothing but pure sumac.

Mix 2 tsp with a splash of good oil for a fab marinade for lamb kebabs – don’t forget to brush more on whilst they cook too, using a herby brush for maximum flavour! It’s also great as a snack – mix with oil (with a splash of a good vinegar or lemon juice if you prefer) and brush over pitta or flatbreads. It’s also great sprinkled over pizza!

Add to stews, meats, fish, vegetables, salad dressings & even flatbreads to give a really aromatic note.

Like many in our range, this is sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo and vegan too. With no fillers or anything artificial, our unique blend of herbs and spice create the purest, freshest flavour possible to give your food attitude. 

It’s also ‘free’ on all the slimming plans we know of!