Back by popular demand! Vincotto is a stunning product & worthy of a taste by anyone who appreciates the richness of an aged balsamic, but doesn’t want the acidity or vinegary-sharpness. Imagine the finest balsamic vinegar without any acidity & you’ll get an idea of how it tastes.

We used to sell this under its other name: Saba. Same thing, different name.

Vincotto is essentially the beginings of a good balsamic vinegar, the pure grape syrup obtained from prolonged, slow cooking of grape must. Most of this liquid becomes our stunning balsamic vinegars, but some is diverted to create this incredible product!

Naturally sweet & thick, our Pure Vincotto is perfect for marinating or seasoning: use a few drops on Greek yoghurt, overnight oats, berries, melon, ice cream & desserts. It’s also beautiful on meats, cheese boards, salads & sauces. Our Pure Vincotto is also the base for other exciting infusions.

An ideal honey or natural sugar substitute as well.

We really can”t rate this highly enough – you simply must try it, either this Pure Vincotto or the unique infusions in our other listings.

100ml bottle with pourer.