Our Summer 6 Collection Gift Box is an incredible collection of some of our finest aged balsamic vinegars & gorgeous Vincotto’s.

Featuring many of our new 2023 flavour infusions, this is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates something a little different to everyday flavours.

Focussing on bright, summery flavours with a stunning selection of White Balsamic infusions, every day is like Summer with a drizzle of any of these.


  1. ‘Gran Riserva’ Aged Balsamicaged for longer until thick & syrupy, our intense, rich & naturally sweet ‘Gran Riserva’ is stunning. Use this Great Taste Award Winner as your ‘go-to’ balsamic: dress a salad, dip chunks of crusty bread into it, drizzle a few drops on meat or veggies, gravies & sauces.
  2. High-Density Aged White Balsamic: aged for even longer until it’s thicker, giving it a longer finish with less sharpness. Naturally sweet, it’s perfect for salads, couscous, feta, halloumi, fish dishes, sautéed vegetables, seafood, tomatoes – in fact anything where you want to add flavour without overpowering the food itself.
  3. Black Olive & Basil Aged White Balsamic: naturally sweet, we infuse our High-Density Aged White Balsamic to create a delicious, versatile & intensely flavourful dressing. Perfectly balanced for salads, salmon, rice dishes, seafood, halloumi, feta & more.
  4. Sweet Rosehip Aged White Balsamic: delicate rosehip flavour bursts through the natural sweetness. Perfect for salads, couscous, halloumi, rice dishes, fish dishes, sautéed vegetables, seafood & feta. A few drops on rice dishes (especially Middle Eastern or Moroccan-inspired) will add just the right balance of sweet & sour.
  5. Pure Vincotto Drizzle: naturally sweet & thick, use a few drops on Greek yoghurt, overnight oats, berries, pancakes, melon, ice cream & desserts. It’s also beautiful on meats, cheese boards, salads & sauces. Imagine the finest balsamic vinegar with no acidity & you’ll get an idea of how it tastes.
  6. Apricot & Vanilla Vincotto: our gorgeous Pure Vincotto infused with fruit for extra layers of flavour! Naturally sweet & thick, use a few drops on Greek yoghurt, ice cream, overnight oats, berries, melon, pancakes & desserts. It’s also beautiful on cheese boards, salads & sauces.

The key differences between our stunning, authentic aged balsamic vinegars compared with cheaper imitations are:

  1. WE DON’T use watery, thin balsamic vinegar; ours are thick enough to use as a glaze but with NO artificial sweeteners or thickeners
  2. WE DON’T do ‘reductions’ – cheaper vinegars that have been boiled to reduce them, sometimes even with pectin or sugar to make them thicker
  3. WE DON’T add a grain of sugar, caramel (E150) or sweeteners anywhere in the process – all the sweetness comes from the passing of time & from the fruit itself 

Presented in a gift box with Recipe Tips.