The best just got better! Our ‘Taste the World’ 12 Rub Hamper is the easiest way to travel the World from your own kitchen and try exciting ingredients inspired from different cuisines.

Knock up a quick paella or risotto with the Paella rub, make a spicy marinade with the Korean Bulgogi blend or start off a gorgeous curry with Panch Phoron or Tandoori Explore the fresh lime-lemongrass flavours of the Thai rub, the complex, almost-smoky notes of Baharat & the richly scented Moroccan rub will transport your senses to far away lands – your only problem will be deciding which to use first!

All are zero sugar, paleo & vegan too. It’s easy to make the perfect marinade or drizzle: mix 1-2 tsp of the rub with a splash of oil & drizzle on food a few hours before (overnight is best) to really absorb the flavours. Or just chuck it on as you cook – we’re all about keeping it simple so there’s no complicated recipes with us.

With each pot being enough for 4-5 meals, this is incredible value and gives a taster of many different dishes. You only need 1-2 tsp for a family meal, so there’s easily enough for 60 meals in this set.

Contains 12 full size pots of our World-inspired rubs:

  • Piri Piri rub: a blend of smoky & sweet paprika is given a kick with chillies & cayenne, balanced with oregano & a lemony, citrusy tang to keep it fresh. It pairs beautifully with roast chicken, pork, wedges or even prawns. Most Piri Piri rubs are packed full of sugar, but NOT ours, giving a rub that’s packed full of flavour with none of the nasties! 40g
  • Korean Bulgogi: literally translated as ‘Fire-meat’, Bulgogi is a store-cupboard essential for spicy Asian dishes. Works well as a seasoning for noodles, stir fries & rice dishes but comes into its own as a marinade or glaze 35g
  • Paella seasoning: rich blend of tomato with Spanish paprika, spices & herbs with a generous pinch of saffron make this the only spice you’ll need – just add rice, stock & whatever fish or meat you like 35g
  • Panch Phoron: a beautiful blend of cumin seeds, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, black mustard seeds & fenugreek seeds originating from the Indian subcontinent, used widely in the cuisine of Bangladesh, Eastern India & Southern Nepal Start off a curry or sprinkle over roasting veg – even add to flatbreads or use as a temper as you serve 35g
  • Baharat: used abundantly in the Middle East, Baharat is used in a similar way to how Garam Masala is used in India. A versatile, rich, almost-smoky blend of spices gives richness to anything. Rub on lamb before roasting, add to homemade burgers, sprinkle on roast veg or add to soups, tagines, lentil dishes, stews & tomato sauces – this is next level cooking at its simplest 40g
  • Japanese Togarashi: a Japanese 7-Spice classic, also known as shichimi, blending chilli, black & white sesame seeds, orange zest, ginger, Sichuan pepper & seaweed Adds a kick to ribs, wings, prawn toast, seaweed, tofu, chillies, stews, any meats, prawns, noodles, soups – in fact anything where you feel like a boost! Use as much as you would pepper, it’s a great way to pep up stir fries, chicken, pork fillets or even squid 35g
  • Mediterranean rub: mild, herby & fresh, this is as gorgeous made into a marinade with a splash of oil as it is stirred into some mayonnaise or yoghurt for a cooling dip Try a pinch on roast veg, pizza or pasta too 30g
  • Tandoori rub: a rich blend of classic Indian spices including our own Garam Masala; mix with yoghurt for a fab marinade or use 2 tsp for a curry or bombay potatoes Makes a great Tandoori Prawn Curry! 40g
  • Thai rub: lots of lemongrass, coconut & lime gives this a wonderfully zingy, fresh balance of sweet, sour, salty & heat. Don’t worry, it’s got background warmth but it’s still mild 35g
  • Harissa rub: inspired by North African spices, this chilli-based blend with mint, caraway, cumin & more is fab for any meat, fish or veg. Mix with oil or yoghurt to make a paste; leave the rest dry & it’ll last far longer than the ready-made pastes 40g
  • Moroccan rub: a beautiful blend of rich cardamon, ginger, rose petals & more; one teaspoon makes the perfect tagine or slow cooker meal. Add a pinch to drained, tinned chickpeas & slow roast for 20 mins for an awesome snack! 35g
  • Chinese 5 spice: rich blend of aromatics including star anise, fennel & cloves, perfect for stir fries, pork & duck. So rich you will only need a good pinch, 1 tsp at most 35g

Recipe Tips leaflet included in the gift box.


  • Korean Bulgogi: Korean chilli, white SESAME seeds, black SESAME seeds, garlic, ginger, apple powder, chives, orange zest & seaweed
  • Paella: paprika, oregano, rosemary, tomato, garlic, onion, black pepper & saffron
  • Baharat: paprika, coriander, chilli powder, cassia, black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, cardamon, cloves & rose petals
  • Togarashi: chilli powder, black & white SESAME seeds, orange zest, ginger, sichuan pepper & seaweed
  • Panch Phoron: cumin seeds, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, black MUSTARD seeds & fenugreek seeds
  • Piri Piri: sweet paprika, smoked paprika, chillies, garlic, coriander, onion, black pepper, oregano, cumin, cayenne, red pepper, sea salt & lemon zest
  • Mediterranean rub: oregano, marjoram, thyme, mint, lemon zest, garlic, pepper, onion, sea salt, nutmeg & cinnamon
  • Tandoori rub: cumin, coriander, paprika, ginger, garam masala [coriander, cumin, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon], cayenne pepper, sea salt, cardamon
  • Thai rub: lemongrass, coconut, basil, mint, onion, ginger, sweet paprika, sea salt, garlic, pepper, coriander & cayenne
  • Harissa rub: sea salt, cumin, mixed chillies, coriander, garlic, mint, caraway & cayenne
  • Moroccan rub: cardamon, ginger, black pepper, cayenne, coriander, cumin, turmeric, allspice, cloves & rose petals
  • Chinese 5 spice: fennel, cinnamon, star anise, black pepper & cloves