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Essential Salt Collection

£ 19.95

Flavoured salts are an incredible way to get a massive flavour boost at the same time as seasoning your food and our Essential Salt Collection is a selection of our top 8 flavours. Boxed collection consists of our Seaweed salt, Citrus salt, Vanilla salt, Garlic salt, Herb saltChilli salt, Smoked Salt & Gourmet Salt & Pepper.  Endlessly versatile, here are some great ways to use them:

  • Seaweed salt – good all-rounder, the lemongrass & seaweed makes it perfect for any meat or fish dishes
  • Citrus salt – perfect with chicken & fish dishes
  • Vanilla salt – makes fab pork crackling, or use with chicken & fish dishes
  • Garlic salt – give chicken, wedges, roast potatoes a garlicky edge or add a pinch to mash for instant garlic mash!
  • Herb salt – the best all-rounder & great for roast potatoes & lamb
  • Chilli salt – gives any meats, wedges, stir fries & much more a chilli kick!
  • Gourmet Salt & Pepper – fab on wings, ribs, roast meats
  • Smoked Salt – add a pinch to meats, wedges, paella for intensity

Like the rest of the flavoured salts in our range, this uses lovely crisp flakes rather than cheap, imported rock salt, so you don’t even need a grinder – just crumble a pinch between your fingers. So, ditch the table salt – use just a pinch of real sea salt and you’ll taste the difference immediately. Gift boxed with a Recipe Tips leaflet.

  • Seaweed salt: sea salt, seaweed, lemongrass, paprika, coriander
  • Citrus salt: sea salt, citrus zest
  • Vanilla salt: sea salt, vanilla powder
  • Garlic salt: sea salt, garlic
  • Herb salt: sea salt, rosemary, oregano, marjoram
  • Chilli salt: sea salt, chillies, bell peppers, onion, garlic, oregano, cumin
  • Gourmet Salt & Pepper: sea salt, crushed mixed peppercorns, coriander
  • Smoked Salt: sea salt

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 220 x 140 x 70 mm


Heat rating



Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Zero added sugar

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Was bought as a present. Well packed nicely presented and quick delivery. Would highly recommend this business.

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