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Finest Luxury Hamper Box

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PLEASE NOTE: The Saba is short-dated (end Oct 2019) so we are HEAVILY DISCOUNTING this hamper to clear the last few – be quick before it’s gone! 

Our Finest Luxury Hamper Box is a rare & exciting collection of treats for the serious foodie that appreciates something unusual & interesting, as hardly anyone in this country has ever heard of Saba, the star of the show in this collection.

This highly versatile set introduces our new star, Saba, plus full size bottles of our White Truffle Special Reserve Balsamic Vinegar, our top selling, Great Taste Award-Winning White Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Rosemary & Garlic infused oil plus three full-size pots of our top selling gourmet rubs, Steak, Chicken & Herby Fish.

You can even upgrade your infused oil to our Finest White Truffle Oil if you’d want to. Enough for dozens of meals, this stunning collection will give an incredible explosion of flavour to anything it touches.

Drizzle on salads, meats, fish, veg, sauces and more – this is an incredible boxed collection for any food connoisseur and offers incredible value as a complete set.

More details on the set:

  • Saba: The star of this hamper, Saba is essentially the beginings of a good balsamic vinegar, the pure grape syrup obtained from prolonged, slow cooking of grape must. Of ancient origin, it is a heritage of rural Modena & adored by chefs for its versatility. Imagine the finest balsamic vinegar without any acidity & you’ll come close to how good Saba tastes! Naturally sweet & thick, Saba is perfect for marinating or seasoning: use a few drops on game, sauteed veg or greens, cheese, sauces, yoghurt, fruits, ice cream, desserts & more. We love it on a cheese board or drizzled on a handful of rocket leaves with parmesan shavings. Try a dash in a stew or a casserole for extra depth & a really rich sauce. An ideal honey or natural sugar substitute as well. This is an incredible product & one of our most highly rated in taste trials! (250ml bottle with pourer)
  • White Truffle Special Reserve Balsamic Vinegar: with our beautiful Great Taste Award Winner ‘Gran Riserva’ aged balsamic as the base, this stunning infusion gives a rich, complex white truffle flavour that takes food to the next level! Our ‘Special Reserve’ marks this as one of our thickest balsamic vinegars so you can use just a few drops as a glaze or drizzle. Unlike most others, we add NO sugar, caramel or thickeners to any of our balsamic vinegars and this isn’t a cheap reduction – it’s a genuine, rich, aged balsamic from Modena where all the sweetness comes from the passing of time. Use literally a few drops on a risotto, steak, game, mushrooms & sauces for incredible flavour. (100ml bottle with pourer)
  • White Aged Balsamic Vinegar: a stunning Great Taste Award winner, our White Aged Balsamic vinegar is light, fruity & full of fruit flavours. Naturally sweet, we don’t add a grain of sugar to this balsamic either, resulting in a bright, fresh dressing, sweet with a hint of creaminess & almost-butterscotch backnotes. A lot of people haven’t heard of a white balsamic, and even the ones that have haven’t tasted one this good! Drizzle on salads, tuna, scallops, fruit, ice cream or use to balance a ceviche for a lightness that is difficult to achieve using a cheap, sugary-sweet fruit vinegar or one of our traditional, rich aged balsamic vinegars. Try a shot in a prosecco or a tall glass with ice & soda water for a refreshing long drink! (100ml bottle with pourer)
  • Garlic & Rosemary oil: our cold-pressed oil infused with garlic & rosemary is the perfect partner to create epic roast potatoes! Perfect on pasta, roast meats & more. This is one of our absolute favourites & the most popular of all our infused oils. (100ml bottle with pourer)
  • Steak rub: an incredible seasoning for steak & other red meat. Coffee & pure cacao enhance the meaty flavour of red meats, so we put both in our Steak Rub to really give your steak attitude! Use just a teaspoon of the rub either dry or with a splash of oil for a marinade to really get the flavour moving. Try a spoon in a stew or a casserole too for extra depth & really rich sauce. (40g)
  • Chicken rub: this is a super way to pep up plain chicken (and turkey!) without being spicy. The combo of thyme & bay is perfect for poultry and white meat; just rub onto chicken or add a splash of oil for a quick marinade & you’ll get incredible depth of flavour. Add a pinch to your roasties too for incredible flavour! (40g)
  • Herby Fish rub: herby, citrusy & zingy, this rub is perfect for fish dishes but equally tasty on white meats too. Lots of fragrant herbs & some lemony sumac keep this rub light & perfect for adding a huge boost to food without overtaking it. (35g)

UPGRADE AVAILABLE! The set comes with our gorgeous Garlic & Rosemary infused oil as standard but if you really want to spoil someone, you can change this to get our Finest White Truffle Oil instead. Just select from the dropdown list. Presented in it’s own special gift box together with a ‘Recipe Tips’ leaflet for inspiration, this is a gorgeous collection to bring your tastebuds alive!


No fillers, flour, or added sugar in any of these products. See individual products for more details on specific ingredients & possible allergens.

Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian

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Weight 2880 g
Dimensions 130 x 50 x 190 mm

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Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Zero added sugar

Infused Oil preference

Garlic & Rosemary Oil, Finest White Truffle Oil


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