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Salmon Curing Kit

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Our NEW Salmon Curing Kit is an easy way to get curing respect! All you do buy is the salmon & follow the simple steps to create the best cured salmon you’ve ever tasted. It’s also incredible value & the FIVE AWESOME CURES will cure around 2.5kg of salmon!

This is such an exciting kit & we’re so pleased to finally have it ready for launch!

The kit contains 5 fantastic cures, a 100ml bottle of our gorgeous Sicilian Lemon Oil, curing bags & full instructions to get you going. Anyone can do it.

Home-cured salmon is so much better than shop-bought. Not only does it taste incredible, it’s so much cheaper & you can play around with new flavour combinations to really get your tastebuds going. Not to mention the kudos you get when you take your creation to a dinner party – do it just once & you’ll be asked to provide the salmon for every occasion you go to!

Follow these simple steps & with around 10 minutes effort you’ll have lashings of freshly cured salmon in just 2-3 days.

Box contains:

  • Citrus cure: citrusy & fresh, this will give a lovely lemony kick to the salmon
  • Smoky cure: rich & smoky, the liquorice gives gorgeous depth & sweetness. (Oh, we really smoke it so none of those nasty ‘liquid-smoke’ chemicals in ours!)
  • Herby cure: a classic mustard & dill cure for the traditional cure
  • Beetroot cure: beautifully vibrant in colour with an incredible earthy, sweet taste – one of our favourites!
  • Togarashi cure: zesty & gingery, this is an intense chilli-based, Japanese-inspired cure
  • Sicilian Lemon Oil: a few drops of this drizzled on the finished salmon gives a gorgeous zing. The finishing touch!
  • 5 curing bags & simple, step-by-step instructions

With five different flavours to choose from, which will you try first? Easy to follow instructions:

  1. Buy a 400-500g fillet of the freshest salmon you can from your fishmonger or supermarket. Ask them to pin-bone it or do it yourself with tweezers.
  2. Lay a sheet of clingfilm over a plate & spread 1/3 of one cure on it, the size of the fillet. Place the salmon fillet (skin-side down) on top of the cure & then cover with the remaining 2/3 of the cure. Pat down all over to make sure the fish is covered.
  3. Fold the clingfilm over it & place it inside the bag, squeeze out the air & seal it.
  4. Put in a bowl or tray with 2-3 cans on top to weigh it down & place in a fridge. Leave for 2 days.
  5. Unwrap, rinse carefully under a cool tap, gently rubbing to remove the cure. Pat dry & leave uncovered in the fridge for 1 more day to firm up, or eat now!
  6. Thinly slice on an angle, stopping at the skin. Put the ribbons of salmon on a plate & drizzle with a few drops of Sicilian Lemon oil.
  7. Take a picture for Instagram, then enjoy.

This is the basic technique but you can mix it up a bit by adding 1 tbsp of vodka, gin or rum to the cure too, or even some fresh herbs. That’s it! Just 10 minutes effort & 2 days of patience will reward you with the best cured salmon you’ve tasted!


  • Citrus cure: sea salt, unrefined Demerara sugar, citrus zest, coriander
  • Smoky cure: smoked sea salt, unrefined Demerara sugar, pepper, liquorice
  • Herby cure: sea salt, unrefined Demerara sugar, dill, MUSTARD powder, fennel
  • Beetroot cure: sea salt, unrefined Demerara sugar, beetroot, dill, pepper
  • Togarashi cure: sea salt, unrefined Demerara sugar, chilli powder, black & white SESAME seeds, orange zest, ginger, Sichuan pepper & seaweed
  • Sicilian Lemon Oil: rapeseed oil infused with Sicilian Lemon

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 220 x 120 x 220 mm


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