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Smoked Chilli Oil

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This Smoked Chilli oil is one of our most versatile & has become a firm favourite! Perfect drizzled over pizza, pasta, meats, prawns & more. Add a splash to a stir fry to give a bit more punch or simply to dunk crusty bread into it! For a fantastic alternative to the usual dips, try stirring a drizzle into some ricotta cheese for a fabulous cool yet spicy dip – it’s great with potato skins! We get the smokiness from using real smoke too; unlike many others, none of this artificial ‘liquid smoke’ stuff goes into ours! One of the most surprising things is how this all translates into the taste. You’ll get a lovely smokey flavour first, then after a few seconds you’ll feel the tingle, filling the back of your mouth with a beautiful, rounded warmth. We use a gorgeous, single-estate British rapeseed oil that’s cold-pressed, so it’s as good drizzled on salads as it is for cooking with. Apart from supporting British farmers, we find the infusions taste ‘cleaner’ and are more defined using rapeseed oil. As well as having half the saturated fat than olive oil, rapeseed oil gets hotter before reaching its smoking point so it’s easier to get things crispy, like roast potatoes, with less effort.


Cold-pressed rapeseed oil, smoked & infused with chilli

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 300 mm
Heat rating




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