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Smoked Garlic Oil

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Our Smoked Garlic oil has a gorgeous smokiness followed by an earthy, garlicky kick! It’s fab for wedges or roast potatoes, adding incredible intensity through the smoky flavour, but also works beautifully drizzled over pizza, pasta, meats & more. Add a splash to a stir fry to give an extra dimension of flavour or simply to dunk crusty bread into it.

One of our fave ways to use it is when browning meat or frying onion for a chilli or curry – it really adds depth to anything it touches, perfect for getting an extra level of richness into food with zero effort.

Be adventurous with roast vegetables, risotto, pizza, cold meats & tapas – heck, drizzle it on anything! 

We use a gorgeous, single-estate British rapeseed oil that’s cold-pressed, so it’s as good drizzled on salads as it is for cooking with. Apart from supporting British farmers, we find the infusions taste ‘cleaner’ and are more defined using rapeseed oil. As well as having half the saturated fat than olive oil, rapeseed oil gets hotter before reaching its smoking point, so you’ll get crispier, fluffier roast potatoes. 


Cold-pressed rapeseed oil, smoked & infused with garlic

Typical values per 100ml Energy   3700 KJ (900 kcal) Protein                         0.1g Carbohydrate                0.1g of which sugars           0.1g Fat                             92.1g of which saturates     7.21g mono-unsaturated   58.57g of which omega 9    58.36g polyunsaturates       26.32g of which omega 3    9.64g of which omega 6  16.68g of which cholesterol   1mg Fibre                            0.1g Sodium                        0.1g Vitamin E                 23.1mg

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 300 mm
Heat rating




Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Zero added sugar

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