Spicy Tomato Sauce

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One staple that every household cook should have is a tomato sauce. Used as a base for pizzas, stirred through pasta or to take roast fish or veg to the next level, you should never, ever buy jars of pasta sauces when it only takes 5 minutes to make your own with none of the sugar or other nasties.

Our Spicy Tomato Sauce is quick, versatile & easily made with store cupboard ingredients. We use the base recipe for a chilli or Bolognese, to stir through cooked pasta or even as a drizzle on roast greens or fish.

Why the Chicken Rub when we’re not cooking chicken? Well, it’s one of the top sellers plus the celery, onion & garlic in it pairs perfectly with the flavours we’re trying to boost in the sauce. We told you our rubs were versatile…

Look at the ingredients, in particular the sugar content, of the jars of pasta sauces & you’ll understand why even the manufacturers are suggesting you only eat it once a week! We think it’s a real shame that something so pure & simple is replaced by something that can only really be eaten once a week for health reasons by the time they’ve finished putting all the extra junk in it.

Sadly, it’s symptomatic of a lot of processed food that is available today. So take just 5 minutes to master this basic recipe & it will see you through for the rest of your cooking days.

We normally double up and make a big batch – split it up into smaller containers & freeze so you’ll always have some ready for whenever you need it.

We prefer tins of whole tomatoes to chopped. You get better texture by tipping a tin of whole tomatoes into a jug and roughly chopping with a knife, rather than ending up with a lot more juice & stalks than you’d find in pre-chopped tomatoes, but do whatever works for you. Just don’t chop in the can.

As with most of our recipes, this is the base – there’s so many variations on this so it’s easy to tweak it & make it your own.

INGREDIENTS (Makes 3-4 portions) 


  1. gently sauté the onion in the oil until soft, around 5 minutes
  2. add the Chicken Rub & stir well for another 1-2 minutes
  3. add the tomatoes, refill the tins with water & add that too
  4. bring to the boil, then simmer for 4-5 minutes until you get the constancy you want
  5. cool, split into portions & freeze until you need it


  • add a finely diced courgette or pepper when sautéing the onion
  • stir through some chopped olives when cooked
  • cook some until a thicker paste to spread as the base for bruschetta

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