Steak Rub with coffee & pure cacao

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This is a really special rub and one that’s developed into a big hit! We’re often asked what the best rub for steak is – so we made this one especially. But, because we’re purists when it comes to steak, we wanted something that would add to the flavour, not overtake it.

SteakRubBoth coffee and chocolate enhance the meaty flavour of dark meats, so we put both in our Steak Rub to really give your steak attitude!

You don’t need much – dry rub a teaspoon’s worth onto your steak or add a splash of oil to really get the flavour moving. Then simply pop it on the BBQ or a ferociously hot (dry) griddle pan for a few minutes each side, leave to rest and enjoy the tastiest steak you’ll have all summer! Yum!

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