Superfood Granola Dust

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We love muesli & granola but the problem with store-bought varieties is usually the amount of hidden sugar in them; it’s like having dessert for breakfast! So we thought we’d kick it up a notch & make our own – once you’ve tried our Superfood Granola Dust, you’ll see how simple & delicious it is.

There are so many different way to mix this up, but we usually have a core recipe which we tweak according to what we have in, which keeps things more interesting than the same thing every day.

Oats are really good for you as well – they’re low GI so you feel fuller for longer, plus they help to lower cholesterol levels. Have these hot or cold; they’re also great for overnight oats. Add a splash more milk than you think you’ll need as they tend to soak up the liquid really well & they’re better loose than stodgy.

As with most of our recipes, this is the base – there’s so many variations on this so it’s easy to tweak it & make it your own. If there’s something you don’t have or don’t like, leave it out & substitute something else.

INGREDIENTS (Makes enough for the whole month) 


  1. in a large baking tray, mix the oats & nuts, then gently roast for 20 mins in a low oven (170-180c)
  2. remove from oven, add everything else & mix well
  3. leave to cool, then blitz in a food processor in batches until desired texture – we prefer it fairly fine, but not completely into powder
  4. transfer to an airtight container
  5. to eat, add a few spoonfuls to a bowl & just cover with hazelnut milk (or your fave), stir well & top with berries, chopped banana or thick yoghurt


  • after blitzing, stir in a few dark chocolate chips (you’ll find them in the baking section) for an extra chocolate kick
  • add 1 tsp of one of our Blender Boosters when making up in the morning, such as Gold Dust or Chai Spice
  • make up with a touch more milk than usual, then microwave for 90 seconds

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