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SuperFood Salad

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Ssuperfood Salad takes salad days to new heights! Forget the tired tomato, iceberg lettuce & cucumber combo & give your body a boost with this incredible, raw, nutritious dish. Served as a side or as a meal in itself, it’s range of tastes, textures & ingredients is an incredible way to get fresh flavours with minimum fuss.

Perfect for tweaking to your own taste, you’ll never want boring salad leaves again. Perfect for meat-free Mondays!

The key to a good salad is variety. Often seen as an afterthought with all the focus going to the main protein, the same few salad leaves, tomatoes or cucumber combo leaves you uninspired & can quickly become boring.

We like to mix it up a bit with micro grains such as Quinoa, wheatberries or couscous, as well as using veg that would normally be seen cooked, like curly kale or broccoli. This will give incredible variety in texture, contrasting the nutty bite of the grains to the fresh green, almost-bitter kale.

Pair this with earthy beetroot, the sweetness of baby corn & raw broccoli, all drizzled with a zingy dressing & this is a salad that can easily become the star of any meal.

Go heavy on the dressing – some salads don’t need much, but this will benefit from an extra drizzle to really bring out the flavour.
A quick note about micro grains: either cook them yourself, they’re really quick & cheap to make, or use one of the pre-cooked packets that are in all the supermarkets now which are a great way to save time. Just tweak with a few added extras, lots of fresh herbs & drizzle with a zingy dressing to bring them to life.
This SuperFood Salad is the perfect dish for a meat-free day.
Serves 4

    • handful of raw curly kale, finely shredded
    • handful of baby spinach leaves, finely shredded
    • 100g cooked Quinoa, rice or other micro-grains mix
    • handful of tiny, raw broccoli florets
    • 100g of Sprouting beans, peas & lentils
    • 1 large carrot, grated
    • 4-5 baby sweetcorn, cut into chunks
    • handful of edamame or broad beans
    • 4-5 cherry tomatoes, halved
    • 2-3 radishes, chopped
    • 4-5 sugar snap peas or mange tout, sliced finely
    • 4-5 cooked baby beetroot, cut into chunks
    • 50g feta cheese
    • 1 tsp Goji Berries
    • 2 tsp Chia Seeds
    • 2 tsp Pumpkin Seeds

For the Dressing:

  1. add everything except the feta & dressing to a bowl & throughly mix
  2. make the dressing in a jar & shake well
  3. drizzle over the salad, mix really well & serve up on a platter
  4. crumble over the feta & finish with a final drizzle of the Sicilian Lemon Oil & Pomegranate Aged Balsamic or the Pomegranate & Fig Aged Balsamic if you prefer
It so easy to tweak this according to taste. Try adding or substituting with any of the following ingredients for extra flavour:

The different combos are limitless, meaning you won’t get fed up of eating the same thing every day – because it isn’t the same thing!

Use what you have: if you’ve got walnuts, chuck a few of those in. Like watermelon? A few chunks of that is awesome too. Experiment & make it your own!

If you’ve not heard of ‘sprouting beans, peas & lentils’ before, ask in your supermarket; they’re usually in the fresh salad aisle & are awesome!

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