Truffle Fries

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Truffle Fries take regular fries to a new level! To celebrate this unique flavour, we thought we’d tell you how we make our perfect fries so they’re crisp, crunchy & fluffy on the inside.

White Truffle OilTwice-cooked or even thrice-cooked is the key to the perfect chip. We’re going for the twice-cooked option here because (obviously) it’s quicker & there’s not a massive difference in the end result if done correctly. Even twice-cooked might seem like a lot of effort, but the payoff will be the best chips or fries you’ve ever tasted – so do give them a shot.

To answer the big question, ‘skin-on’ or ‘skin-off’, we leave the skin on because you get that extra bit of flavour but peel them first if you prefer.

This is the perfect accompaniment to our Steak with Balsamic Buerre Noir!



  1. Cut the potatoes into discs then into individual chips, as thick as you want (we usually go for around 8mm) then rinse in plenty of water; pat dry
  2. Heat the oil in a pan to around 130c – use a thermometer or a proper fryer with a thermostat to check – & gently lower the chips in the oil (in batches) to cook for around 10 minutes, depending how thick they are; they’ll be cooked but will have no colour – trust us!
  3. Remove & repeat as necessary until they are all done. At this stage, they can stay in the fridge overnight if you want to get prepped for a dinner party.
  4. When ready to finish off, heat oil to 180c & fry until golden – this should only take 6-8 minutes
  5. Remove from the fryer onto kitchen towel then straight into a bowl; add the chopped parsley, drizzle over the Truffle oil & season well – toss around in the bowl for a few seconds & serve!


Essential Salt CollectionFlavoured salts instead of plain sea salt will give you an extra flavour dimension! Some of our favourites are Smoked Salt, Herb Salt or 4 Spice Salt. You can even grate a touch of parmesan over them once you’re ready to serve for that extra touch of luxury. These are even good enough to eat on their own with some gorgeous, yellow rapeseed oil mayonnaise!

Sticking with the Truffle Oil theme though – drizzling 1 tsp into mashed potatoes will give you instant Truffle Mash!

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