healthy, pure & clean

We do things differently. We make products we love to use ourselves, so they’re versatile, tasty & pure.

zero sugar

200+ products. Only 3 with sugar

100% natural

No nasties. No fillers. Just pure flavour

gluten free

No flour, emulsifiers or thickeners.

vegan & paleo

Vegan or veggie? We got you covered!

slimmers & gymmers

Clean & healthy eating at our core.

our range


We’ve got an amazing range of products designed to kickstart your cooking & give food attitude!


Add a teaspoon to a splash of oil or yoghurt for a simple marinade or throw it on food as you cook! Rubs will revolutionise mealtimes!

Most are ZERO SUGAR & all are no or low salt, perfect for Paleo & health-conscious diets. With no fillers, they’re all Gluten Free & Vegan-friendly too.


Other fruit vinegars can contain 40-50% sugar; ours is an authentic Modena balsamic infused with real fruit & ZERO sugar!

Add a drizzle onto meats (like you would with mint sauce on lamb) or salads & roast veggies for huge flavour! Add to sauces or stews too.


Add 1 tsp of this balanced blend to a banana & 200ml almond milk & blend well for a huge nutritional boost! Use in cereals too.

Zero added sugar. Maximum taste & nutrition. These are quick & easy ways to boost the nutritional value of shakes, smoothies & cereals.

teas & tisanes

The finest teas, herbs, fruits & spices from around the world, carefully blended to create unique flavour experiences. Tea with purpose!

NO added sugar, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, E-numbers, acidifiers or artificial flavourings to ANY of our teas or tisanes.


Add a drizzle on salads, pasta, pizza, seafood, veggies or meats for a gorgeous kick of flavour, or dunk crusty bread into it. Yum!

Our rapeseed oil infusions are ‘clean’ tasting with no bitterness. They’re around half the saturated fat of olive oil with a higher smoking-point too!


Add a pinch to anything for an immediate kick of flavour whilst you season. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

We only use British sea salt flakes, which taste saltier so you’ll use less – without needing a grinder! No cheap rock salt here!

Gift Sets

We’ve got gift sets to suit every budget, from rub & oil combo sets to full collections of rubs, salt, balsamic & oils!

We can also do personalised gift vouchers so the lucky recipient can choose from over 100 products themselves!


Over 60 store-cupboard essentials, fresher & better value than supermarkets for any serious spice connoisseur!

We don’t add fillers to any of our spices & they’re all supplied in resealable, stackable pots for your convenience.

about Taste

As one of the UK’s ‘Most Innovative Food & Drink Companies’, we help transform everyday food into something special! Forget long shopping lists & complicated recipes – we make real food really tasty! Our versatile, healthier products will help you kickstart your cooking & eat food with TASTE!

innovative flavours

We’ve some incredible flavour combos to kickstart your taste buds! With 200+ gourmet RUBS, gorgeous infused OILS, stunning infused BALSAMIC VINEGARS, SUPERFOODS, SALTS & LUXURY TEAS – there’s something for everyone! Pinch, drizzle & cook your way to healthier food. Boring food – begone!

paleo, veggie or gf?

All our Rubs are no/low salt & most are ZERO SUGAR, perfect for paleo & health-conscious diets. They’re pure herbs & spice with NO FILLERS or nasties, so they’re NOT ‘single use’ – there’s 4-5+ family meals in EACH POT! We also have the widest range of AUTHENTIC balsamic vinegars with ZERO ADDED SUGAR!

Simple Recipes

Incredibly versatile & easy to use, add a splash of oil to one of our RUBS for a simple marinade or use a pinch of our FLAVOURED SALT for seasoning & flavour in one! A drizzle of our INFUSED OIL or BALSAMIC VINEGAR lifts salads & pasta dishes to another level!

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don't just take our word for it...

  • Steak rub (mild) Used on sirloin steak, just delicious. by Fiona Shaw
  • Spicy Taco & Fajita mix (mild) Love it so much I’m getting more. Delicious! by Fiona Shaw
  • Chilli & Garlic Oil Fire & spice, in a bottle! This chili & garlic oil adds instant heat & depth to any dish. Stir-fries sizzle, pasta pops, and pizza partie by Holly Oberle
  • Smoked Garlic Oil Smokey & garlicy what's not to lover. This oil adds depth & intrigue to every dish. Drizzle on pizza, roast veggies, or dip crusty bread. by Holly Oberle
  • Rosemary & Garlic Oil Rosemary & garlic dream team! This oil takes any dish to the next level. Drizzle on grilled veggies, toss with pasta, or dip crusty bread. So goo by Holly Oberle
  • Lemon & Dill Oil Sunshine & herb garden in a drizzle! This lemon & dill oil is a flavour bomb, perfect for salmon, salads, & beyond. Fresh, zesty, & v by Holly Oberle
  • Smoked Chilli Oil This chilli oil is a fiery fiesta in a bottle. Adds smoky depth to stir-fries & marinades, while the chilli packs a punch. A touch goes a long way by Holly Oberle
  • Sicilian Lemon Oil Sicilian sunshine in a bottle! ✨ This zesty oil brightens every dish, from pasta to seafood. A taste of the Mediterranean in every drop. We especial by Holly Oberle
  • Mango & Green Apple White Balsamic Thanks Ewan. So pleased you love it and thanks for being such a long-standing customer. You've been with us many years and we do appreciate it. 🙂 by Mark Hughes